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New Speedflow Plus by Mediclinics

Posted on10/17/2018
New Speedflow Plus by Mediclinics
The new Speedflow® Plus hand dryer features really low electricity consumption, between 0.6 and 2.8 W/h per drying cycle and 0.4W when idle, thanks to its energy-efficient motor and adjustable speed, with a self-resettable high temperature safety cut-out, and also thanks to its heating element of only 500W that can be switched on and off freely by means of a microswitch placed in the control electronic board. In turn, the motor has been set to have a smooth start up which helps extending its service life and reduces the noise level when starting up.

Apart from its low consumption, the user´s comfort has been one of the main issues taken into account when designing this hand dryer. This is why the new Speedflow® has in place an energy-efficient heating element that heats the outgoing air up to 42ºC, providing the user with a warm airflow in his hands.

Another important feature for the user is its noise level. The new Speedflow® Plus is much more silent thanks to the acoustic dampening elements used for fixing the nozzle to the base plate and also in the motor bracket. And also thanks to the inner design of the nozzle that minimizes the pressure drop and the air turbulences, reducing the noise level consequently. The improvement of the air outlet geometry also helps avoiding unwanted acoustic effects. Besides, the development of a motor with a built-in fan allows a better mechanical balance that reduces the vibrations transmitted to its frames.
All these features make the new Speedflow® a drying solution with one of the lowest noise levels in the market within the high speed dryers category.

Hygiene is another one of the key points carefully considered when designing this hand dryer. The new Speedflow® Plus comes as standard with a cartridge that holds an HEPA filter media that filters suspended solid particles (pollen, dust mites, cigarette smoke, etc.), notably improving the air quality.

Furthermore, this cartridge also contains and activated carbon filtering media that neutralizes odours and absorbs fumes and gases, helping avoid bad odours.

Optionally, you can insert into the hand dryer an odor neutralizer tablet for a cleaner and more pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom.

Security is another one of the key factors of the new Speedflow®. Apart from the active safety elements (re-settable high-temperature safety cut-out) incorporated in the heating element and the motor, the static object detection is also featured in this hand dryer. If a static object is detected by the sensor for over 5 seconds, the hand dryer automatically stops. Accordingly, the new Speedflow® also features a safety system that after 30 seconds of continuous use, brings the device to a halt.

Lastly, thanks to its ultra-flat design, this new hand dryer complies with the American with Dissabilities Act (ADA), which defines the accessible requirements for the design of washroom spaces in the USA. This hand dryer does not protrude more than 100mm horizontally into the circulation path, thus helping minimize obstacles found by people with disabilities when they access public washrooms.
The new Speedflow® Plus, designed and manufactured by Mediclinics, is a smart solution. It is hygienic, silent and features great speed during hand drying. And above all, its low consumption will favor dramatic savings.


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